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Plastic Roofing Sheets



Plastic roofing sheets are ideal for; Greenhouses, Car ports, Canopies and Conservatories.  With several advantages over glass roofing such as its high impact resistance and its weight is generally half as much as glass which makes fitting the plastic roofing sheets a lot easier. It also provides good acoustical insulation while being weather and UV resistant. Other properties of polycarbonate roofs include its wide service temperature range.

Polycarbonate Roofing



Polycarb Direct offers polycarbonate roofing between 4mm-35mm (twin wall and multi wall) thickness cut to the size you need to a maximum of 2100mm width and 7000mm length. Available in the following colours; blue opal, bronze, bronze opal, clear, heatguard opal, opal/white.

Polycarbonate Sheet Cut to Size



The broad past the majority of our team has acquired through extensive work in the industry allows them to outperform the competition consecutively and the amount of knowledge our team members hold is immense. Every polycarbonate sheet cut to size that we supply is of the utmost and highest quality possible.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets



We are highly regarded industry leading manufacturer and we supply not only standard customers and clients but we also supply our products for industry professional applications.

Plastic Sheeting



This extensive history is that our team has gathered through their extensive histories has transferred over to all the products that we supply. We outperform our competition on pricing, customer service and overall quality of product.

Acrylic Cut To Size



Polycarbonate Direct is a company that specialise in all things plastics. Whether it is for greenhouses or conservatories we stock and sell a whole range of different items that are used daily to construct these different types of products.

Perspex Cut To Size



Polycarbonate Direct is a small family run business with most members of the team been friends, family or old work colleges. Our business offers a personal and professional approach to customers and takes each sale very seriously. With many years of industry experience Polycarbonate Direct started as a tiny company that would only ever hold small quantities of stock and sold mainly to internet sales.

Plastic Sheet Cut To Size



Polycarbonate Direct is a family run business that operates from two locations. However our business started small. Most of our sales were made through the internet with little to no retail sales. However with growing demand for our business we moved to a bigger location and started holding larger quantities of stock. Now we sell to a wider consumer base with a broader range of internet and retail sales. Polycarbonate Direct employs mainly family, friends and old work colleges. Our close family business puts customer satisfaction first. We strive to bring our customers a great service and a great price.

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