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IR Gold Cut To Size Polycarbonate Sheets

IR Gold – all the performance of solar inserts without the potential for failure

Macrolux’s IR Gold is currently the only multiwall polycarbonate on the market that has its unique reflective gold coating integrated at the manufacturing stage.

Unlike traditional solar inserts which have to be fitted separately, IR Gold is easy to handle, ready to install and doesn’t require any additional modifications – all the while maintaining its impressive reflective and insulating properties.

IR Gold’s unique reflective coating substantially reduces the temperature of your conservatory during the summer months by reflecting as much as 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. During winter, IR Gold’s impressive insulating properties and U-value as low as 1.1W/m2K, keep any conservatory warm by preventing heat loss to ensure a pleasant temperature whatever the weather.

Available in 25mm and 35mm, maximum-performance IR Gold is the multiwall polycarbonate of choice for a range of year-round glazing requirements.

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35mm IR Gold


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Who are we and what are we about?

LIV Supplies Ltd started out as small as possible, basically an office and a small space for holding minimal levels of stock. The companies trading was mainly internet sales, with hardly any trade or retail sales. As time went on we decided to try and get some of the local trade, with that in mind we needed bigger premises to hold enough stock to meet the requirements of the trade. We also set up an accounts office at this point to keep a track of money and make sure everything is running smoothly with the expansion taking place. This worked very well, but we soon outgrew the warehouse, so yet again LIV Supplies had to move. We found a great retail premises just around the corner which is visible from the area’s large supermarket ASDA. This was an ideal spot to attract the retail customers and is also on the same road as some of our local competition which is also healthy business.

Where we are now?

We have two branches within the Hull area, servicing both sides of the city. Very experienced staff runs them both and have all been within the industry for many years. Our current website went live January 2010. We upgraded from our original website to try and make the navigation and order processing easier for the customer. We are always looking at new and innovative ideas to help the customer make the choice of purchasing from us rather than one of our competitors. The ‘Cut-To-Size Shapes’ program on our website enables the customer to order a specific shape cut to specific sizes which no other website at the minute can offer.

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