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Rooflight & Skylight System


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Rooflights, skylights and atriums provide an excellent method of introducing natural light in to any room that permits. Glass rooflights tend to be less obstructive than windows or facades, whilst offering greater flexibility when designing the room. We are able to provide standard geometries such as mono pitched, dual pitched, walk on, barrel vaulted, pyramid, conical, domed and lantern rooflights whilst also being set up to offer fully bespoke solutions to meet your requirements.

All of the shown can be supplied in patent glazing, silicone/structural glazing and frameless glazing options. We specialise in the supply of oversize glass unit rooflights, with glass unit sizes easily supplied up to and in some case in excess of 4.8m x 2.75m. We can also supply and manage the necessary contract crane lifts and required logistics associated with this type of specialist work.

Mono Pitched

Manual Roof Vent

Mono Pitched Slider

Triple Glazed Rooflight

Electric Roof Vent

Circular Rooflight

Walk on Rooflight

Walk on Glass Floor

Pyramid Rooflight

Mono Pitch Roof Light

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Manual Roof Vent

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Electronic Roof Vent

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Pyramid rooflight

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Walk on glass rooflight

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Circular rooflight

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