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Acrylic/Perspex Cut To Size


Width &Length


12mm Clear Acrylic

(max: 2050mm)

(max: 3050mm)

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Selected Color

clear with polished edgesclear with polished edges

Caution The Minimum We Can Cut Polished Sheets Is 100mm

Acrylic Sheeting (aka Perspex):

  Acrylic is an extruded high quality acrylic sheet. Acrylic is more transparent than glass. Its inherent UV resistance makes it ideal for outdoor applications. Acrylic sheet can be formed, shaped, sawed and drilled.

Our acrylic/solid polycarbonate cutting tolerance is +2mm and -2mm under 15mm in thickness, 15 and over has a 10% tolerance.

Polished Edges:

When acrylic is machined on our CNC system the cutting tool leaves a slight tool mark on the edges. You will find that this is the case when using any kind of saw or router bit to cut acrylic. Polishing eliminates these marks and gives a neat, professional finish which is something all customers are looking for.


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