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Here at Polycarbonate Direct we offer extensive ranges of Plastic Sheeting for sale. Our long standing and highly regarded company has been offering products within the plastics industry for many years.

We are made up from a selection of people who once worked exclusively within the design and creation industry and this allowed our team to bring in insider knowledge to adapt our business and products to extremely high levels.

We gained a unique perspective on pricing and the way to manufacture premium quality products of plastic sheeting through our extensive work. We have also garnered an extremely high quality standard of service through our history of working with various clienteles, through both our varied selection of private consumers and business sector clients.

This extensive history is that our team has gathered through their extensive histories has transferred over to all the products that we supply. We outperform our competition on pricing, customer service and overall quality of product.

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The amount of knowledge and qualification we have for this position is like no other company and here at Polycarbonate Direct we are an extremely “family” orientated business style. Our Plastic Sheeting operation is maintained by a smallish team base consisting of industry professional friends, family and former colleagues that we worked with in the plastics and polycarbonate industry.

Our ranges of products that we supply are often available to be custom sized. Our comprehensive selection of Plastic Sheeting is ideal for application to such areas including conservatory roofing for your home.

We offer our Plastic Sheeting in various sizing options. We have made available our Plastic Sheeting in thicknesses from 4mm all the way up to 35mm for maximum insulation values and unparalleled colour selections. Multiwall Plastic Sheeting is also highly suitable for greenhouse applications.

Our extensive varieties of Plastic Sheeting products are crafted by our well versed and extremely qualified team members. We endeavour to offer our customers only the most extensive and competitively priced deals across our whole range of products, not just our Plastic Sheeting.

Should you require any assistance with any of the Plastic Sheeting purchases then we do suggest you don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are available and look forward to receiving any and all questions or enquiries you may have regarding any of the products (Plastic Sheeting) we offer. We ask you utilise our direct email general enquiry form or call us direct via telephone for a more personal service. 

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future with regard to a purchase of any of our premium Plastic Sheeting.

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