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Plastic Roofing Sheets

Plastic roofing sheets are ideal for; Greenhouses, Car ports, Canopies and Conservatories.  With several advantages over glass roofing such as its high impact resistance and its weight is generally half as much as glass which makes fitting the plastic roofing sheets a lot easier. It also provides good acoustical insulation while being weather and UV resistant. Other properties of polycarbonate roofs include its wide service temperature range.


Polycarb Direct offers plastic roofing sheets between 4mm-35mm (twin wall and multi wall) thickness and cut to the size you need between a maximum of 2100mm width and 7000mm length. Available in bronze, clear, opal/white, heatguard opal, bronze opal, blue opal.


To view our full range of plastic roofing sheets come visit us at:


Polycarbonate Direct
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For any questions about plastic roofing sheets or any of our other products please give us a call on 01482 947 901, alternatively you can email us at: enquiries@polycarbdirect.co.uk


Check out our “Discounted” page for some great deals on plastic roofing sheets and more. The stock is discounted not because it is damaged or of lower quality than other stock we sell. The lower prices are due to the off cuts of previous orders so you do not pay for the cutting service of the sheets. The amount of stock is limited in each size so if extra is required you will have to pay full prices for the extra stock only.


The founders of the company have been involved in the plastics industry for many years and subsequently have gained a lot of knowledge and experience of plastic roofing sheets. We are not a large corporate business. Our aims are to provide a first class service to our customers in a friendly manner.  


Polycarb Direct started off in a small office with a tiny storage space before moving to a warehouse space to enable us to have on hand enough stock to supply the local trade. We have then had to move to an even bigger space, moving to a great retail premises location near some of our competitors to encourage healthy business.

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