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Acrylic Cut To Size

Polycarbonate Direct is a company that specialise in all things plastics. Whether it is for greenhouses or conservatories we stock and sell a whole range of different items that are used daily to construct these different types of products.

Our business started small, only stocking small quantities of items most of our sales were made over the internet. However with an ever increasing demand for our business we expanded and moved our premises to a larger compound that allows us to hold larger quantities of stock as well as offer our services to a larger consumer base. We now sell to retails locally and further away as well as remaining to receive a large number of internet sales.

Our business is made up off mainly family members, friends and old work colleagues. Our family run business has a large interest in customer satisfaction and we strive to bring top quality products at a great price to our customers.

If your after acrylic cut to size then Polycarbonate can help. We have to ability to have our customers choose a size they want. We then cut the acrylic to size and ship the product out. We feel that customers shouldn’t have to buy standard stock sizes of acrylic because of the amount of waste that is thrown away once cut. So we can save our customers money by letting you choose the sizes you want so there’s no more need to throw away unwanted waste.

Whether you are searching for acrylic cut to size, timber support bars or sky light roof vents then Polycarbonate Direct is sure to help. With our great customer relations and competitive prices we are sure we can provide the service and product you require. If you’re ordering large or small quantities Polycarbonate Direct is happy to help your business and we will do everything we can to make your time with us as pleasant as possible.

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